1031 Real Estate Tax Exchanges and Real Estate Trends
Submitted On 2006-11-03

Keep up to date about the latest trends affecting real estate exchanges and replacement proeprties including tenant in common interests. Newsletter also covers general real estate investing and real estate trends. Pefect for anyone involved in real estate, finance, tax or legal. New memeber receive two free EBooks about exchanging and marketing ideas using exchanges.

Target Audience: Real estate investors, agents, accountants, mortgage brokers and attorneys

Tags: 1031 exchange, real estate, tax, taxes, marketing, trends, income, properties

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Testimonial for 1031 Real Estate Tax Exchanges and Real Estate Trends

Thanks for opening my eyes to the great benefits of a 1031 exchange. Your real world examples and usage of exchanges, demonstrates their superior flexibility and shows the opportunities that they offer owners of highly appreciated real estate to eliminate tax liabilities, maximize cash flow, increase quality of life and preserve real estate wealth for future generations. Leo Leydon, CPA

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