14 Things You Do Not Want to Miss Teaching Your Kids About Money
Submitted On 2009-02-03

Are you concerned about the money habits of your child? Does the rising materialism and consumerism reaching young children at an even earlier age worries you? Do you worry that your son or daughter may grow up to struggle financially?

I have important information that can immediately help you implement a system that can change the life of your child.

This very concerned parent-to-be who has done loads of research has just published a free Ezine, 14 Things You Do Not Want to Moss Teaching Your Kids About Money. Here’s what you’ll discover:

• The one thing your child should know that could make or break him
• How knowing the simple things to look out for when choosing a moneybox for your child can make a whole world of difference!
• The #1 mistake most parents make when teaching kids about money
• How your child can stop begging you for the latest toy and take the things you buy him for granted And much more!

As you can see, this free report can easily change the ‘poor mentality’ and put in place a system that your most precious child can use for the rest of his/her life and reap sure dividends thereafter.

Target Audience: Proactive educators and parents who wants to empower their children with sound money habits

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