3 Basic Rules and Guidelines to Avoid in Internet Marketing Investments
Submitted On 2009-02-03

I remember when I first got into the internet, it was all safe and fun, just using yahoo and checking the football sites made my day, now its all saturated with everyone trying to make a buck off you, and you have to make sure you're cautious not to fall for all. These traps.

You may want to invest money, in an internet based business, or try to see the work at home jobs, you should follow my 3 basic rules and guidelines to avoid frauds and scams.

1- AVOID PAID ADVERTISING LINKS - You know those links that are on the right side of the screen when you perform a search from a reliable search engine website, well, those are paid sites, why would someone pay and advertise, just to give you money? its a no-brainer, these are sites just out to get your money.

2- AVOID CHEAP AND TACKY LOOKING SITES - you see a site, and the y claim to give you tons of money if you invest, but you cant help to wonder, why doesn't this site invest enough money to have at least professional work done on it? For more details're right, its that simple, the sites done have money to give you, just some kid who used some basic tools to create a cheap looking site, out to get a buck. be warned, I have scars from all I have encountered, tacky sites are just a reminder that wealth comes from those who already have income, not some cheap access link.

3- ALWAYS INVEST BIG- This is the last and more important part to internet investing , make sure when you invest, you already have a taste of what you'll get, look for at least 7 testimonial from other users, from different countries and demographics, then make sure the investment is at the 100 dollar price range, this is a more safer bet that most scammers make you feel you should invest a mall amount of money to make income, but more legitimate sites, do charge for their work, because of the credibility, they are not afraid to up-sell their products. For more details for reading my article, more to come, I hope this was helpful in a guide to internet investing. I also posted a link one of the few sites that I thought was interesting and gave me more ideas regarding internet investing and avoiding scams, check it out and do leave me your comments and opinions. []

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