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Submitted On 2010-01-19

Both a weekly and monthly newsletter which provide, educational and inspirational health articles from a Biblical perspective, practical strategies and suggestions and valuable, cutting edge information. Including how to:

Create a life overflowing with vibrant energy, health and wholeness spirit, soul and body by improving nutrition; choosing the best supplements; being aware of destructive thought patterns, emotions; importance of adequate rest and sleep as well as ways to detoxify spirit, soul and body for true health and wholeness.

Target Audience: Any health conscious person; particularly Christians and women between the ages of 25 and 75

Tags: holistic health,nutrition,mind-body connection,spiritual health,attitudes,

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Ezine Owner: Ann Musico

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Circulation: Monthly 181; weekly 220+

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Testimonial for 3 D Living Newsletter

I mean it Ann when I say that you're articles blow me away, and this one is just a huge wake up call!

Thanks so much for sharing this information. My wife and I's mouth both just dropped, but it made perfect sense. ~Rob

Thank you so much for these informative and inspiring newsletters. Keep up the great work! -Andrew in Johns Island, SC

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