A Coach's Perspective on Weight and Wellness
Submitted On 2010-04-07

From a wellness coach's perspective, this ezine provides stories and how-tos to align mind, body and spirit as it relates to a healthy, happy life and consequently a healthy, happy weight. Itís free and delivered monthly.

Target Audience: For people who want to improve their health and their weight by looking at all aspects of their life

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Ezine Owner: Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

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Testimonial for A Coach's Perspective on Weight and Wellness

I love your newsletter because it is clean and crisp. I especially like your personal anecdotes and how they lead to one lesson. It's all I need. Not too much, and enough to make it worthwhile every time. - Linda Wood Edwards

Claudette, I love your newsletter. It helps to keep me on track and remind me about whatís important. They are fun and informative and what I especially like is that you use real life, real time examples that I think most people can relate to. - Stephanie Michaels

Insightful, encouraging, and food for thought - Maureen W.

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