A Heart Felt Blessing Just For You
Submitted On 2007-05-24

Real issues adorned with real-life situations make this book come alive.

I was a proud young female who possessed a closed mind along with a closed heart and yet, I was living an abundant heaven-sent life. My life was filled with riches on top of riches. My riches were truly my very best friends. The love I felt for myself was deeper than any love I had ever experienced. I traveled a road where only the footprints of men could be found. I worshipped and adored everything about my career; my life was my career and my career was my life. Every single aspect of my life was always about me.

Enjoying the “life” along with the euphoric mood I had come to know and love, was about to change. It seems I took a turn off of my glory road and had stepped onto a deeper and darker road filled with fear. I did not choose this road.

Each step of my life on the path that I traveled, led me closer to destruction. I was faced with a major loss in my life; this horrific loss was unequal to anything I had ever stumbled upon before.

Every step I was forced to take, I could barely endure. My footsteps were heavy, but not impossible, although it took all my strength just to lift my feet up off the ground; I took each step carefully ensuring that I would make it to the next step on my dark and fearful road. The road was dark, but I was not alone. I had myself to care for me.

My walk on this dark and dreadful road seemed to be never-ending. My life was overshadowed with clouds of worry, anxiety and fear. I was beginning to suffer; heartbreak, trials and hardships would come to plague me. But the darkness would soon be lifted through a process called sifting. The sifting process would help to me to slowly understand what was taking place in my life and it offered me a glimmer of hope.

Though I was blinded by a myriad of trials and tribulations, the darkness would soon turn to light. This would be the light I desperately needed to guide and direct me from my path of deep heartache and destruction. This light allowed me to see who was standing in front of me when I emerged from the shadows of darkness.

There he was standing before me. He was everything good; he was everything perfect; sheer perfection and he was everything that real love should be. He immediately became the sunshine of my life; the true apple of my eye.

My life had a new beginning and a new meaning; a meaning I could finally define, but will I ever be content. I know that I said my life had changed and that I had been made whole. This life changing experience has been tremendous gifts of wisdom and knowledge; they are the pearls that have helped shape and mold me, but still something is missing. I love my friend dearly and wholeheartedly, but I wanted and needed more from him. Could he or would he be willing to give me everything I thought I need from him?

Read it for yourself and find out what it is that my friend’s love did just for me.

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