ABC Dog Training Course at Home - Bather Choice for You and Your Dog
Submitted On 2009-02-03

There are many methods and objectives of training your dog at home. With this ABC dog training courses your dog could be trained to: not to fight with other dogs; you will learn how to curb your dog’s aggressiveness; you will learn how to deal with your dog; learn how to make dog understand you; learn techniques how to stop him jumping up on you and other people; learn how to train your dog to of any commands; commands such as: Okay and No, Come (Recall), Hold and Leave , Sit, Sit and Stay, Down, Heel, Seek, Stand, Beg for food, Fetch, Catch food , Climb ladders, Shake hands, Crawl, Jump, Rollover and many others commands and tricks; also you will learn all you need to know about many illness concerns and you will learn powerful techniques to solve any dog behavior problems.

Target Audience: Dog owners

Tags: Dog training courses, Dog training, Puppy training, dog obedience, Dog training lessons

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