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Submitted On 2010-12-18

The ABCs newsletter gives you practical and insightful dating advice and pickup tips for men of all races. It is also very popular with Asian men as it deals with interracial dating and how to tackle racism and prejudice in the dating arena. The subject matter ranges from the insightful to the hardhitting.

If you subscribe, you'll also get an Advanced Audio CD called "Exposing the Myth Behind Why Asian Men Can't Date White Women." Clocking in at 60 minutes, this advanced audio guide was professionally recorded and includes fashion advice, body language, confidence, dealing with stereotypes, etc. In addition to the free 60 minute audio, you'll also receive a 33 page ebook "Enter the PUA" which offers practical written advice and then a 4-week ecourse.

A huge $137 value IF you subcsribe!

Target Audience: Men, Single Men, Asian Men, Indian Men, Black Men, Chinese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Japanese

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Testimonial for ABCs of Attraction Newsletter

What the Asian Playboy's CD really does is help dispel the myths about Asian guys and White Females. White girls DO LIKE ASIAN GUYS. Some white girls even have "yellow fever." In the CD, The Asian Playboy even talks about gorgeous white girls who have sent him fan mail saying that they would like to try an Asian guy, but its the Asian guys themselves who don't want to talk to them. Or that they LOVE dating their Asian boyfriend.

The CD was great, and I absorbed all 60 minutes of it with pleasure. It doesn't drag on. Everything is incredibly interesting. JT and William (both of whom are featured on the CD) are both funny and informative.

While I agree that some Asian men do lack social skills, the outlook for us isn't that bad. We make it bad by beating ourselves up over it. We make it bad by not taking the initiative to become good with women.

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