Achieving Corporate Excellence. Newsletter
Submitted On 2007-01-29

Regardless of our role/profession in life, we are all leaders. Whether we are leading one person or thousands being an effective leader presents us with challenges. This newsletter provides information on leadership, communication, trust, teambuilding and numberous other topics that help us to develop our skills and soar higher.

Target Audience: Business

Tags: leadership, teams, communicaiton, human resources

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Ezine Owner: Cynthia Krosky

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"The articles are releavant yet easy to read even on a busy day. They always seem to contain the message I am in need of that day. I use these articles with my staff and often use them to share them as we prepare to start a meeting. These are great tools to direct and improve our leadership skills and at times a reminder to utilize skills we may have let go stagnate.

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