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Submitted On 2007-06-13

Daniel Linder will define the relationship model of addiction and offer expert advice regarding: Relationship Training: Preparing for the rigors of a relationship.

Understanding basic principles, pitfalls, inherent challenges and developing the necessary relationship-building skills.

For those in all stages of recovery.

For singles.

For those in early stages of relationship, planning a future together.

For those in all stages of relationships.

For those in relationships who are struggling in their current relationships.

For helping professionals and professionals seeking relationship training psycho-education for clinical and academic purposes: discussions, workshops, classes, CEU's that provide fresh, new perspectives about addiction, recovery and relationships.

For treatment facilities needing to incorporate Relational Recovery Training modules into their treatment and aftercare regimens.

Target Audience: All stages of recovery, early stages of relationship,

Tags: early sobriety, intimacy and relationships, addiction recovery relationships

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Testimonial for Addiction Recovery Relationship Blog

Hi Daniel,

Once again, I wanted to thank you for participating on our forum. I frequently refer to 'Demystifying Addiction...' when I am working with new sponsees. The 12-Steps are excellent for self examination but many addicts come through the rooms without having had the benefit of treatment and are really clueless about the actual disease. In early recovery they also tend to relate to the emotional viewpoint easier than to the medical one.

God Bless, Janice - Baby Bear

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