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Submitted On 2006-11-22

Kirsty Dunphey has first and foremost always been entrepreneurial. From her start at an early age working in her parents small businesses or opening her first business at 15 – she’s had the bug her whole life.

With two businesses and two part time jobs under her belt by the age of 16 to her own real estate agency at 21 and her own book at 23 Kirsty has been described as “Little bit Aussie Battler, Little bit Sassy Entrepreneur”.

In 2002 Kirsty was named as the National Winner of Telstra’s Young Business Woman of the Year Award. Winning this prestigious award and in fact being its youngest ever recipient shows the depth of her knowledge, experience and most importantly passion which she now shares with an ever growing audience on her weekly email.

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Testimonial for Advance to Go - Kirsty Dunphey's Weekly Email

Hi Kirsty, always great to get your letters! They’re so darn relevant! This one reminded me of some advice I saw years ago (can’t remember who said it, but it was someone famous): “Spend an hour to save 5 minutes” – which means bite the bullet and take the time you need (however long it is) to explain or demonstrate to someone how to do something you do frequently, which is not dollar-productive for you. So you can free up your 5 minutes, a zillion times over. I recently took a whole day to explain a dozen 5-minute tasks (that only I knew how to do) to my PA, and what a difference it has made to freeing up my time. Tekla Kridle

Hello Kirsty and thank you for your newsletters, I have found then very inspirational for myself and for my partner who owns her own lingerie shop in Melbourne. You had inspired her to go ahead with her dream to be self employed as I have sent her so many of these letters and she loves reading them. Thank you very much for sharing you life and your enthusiasm to strive to be the best you can be Kirsty as I personally know that it has help the two of us here in Melbourne. Richard Jansen

Being a single Mum with a new business I find your newsletters arrive at just the right time when I might be needing a little inspiration to get me through the day and to help keep my life/business goals on track. Be assured you do make a difference. Dawn Jordan

Since subscribing to your mailing list Friday's seem to always get of to a good start as I look forward to receiving your weekly email. This good start keeps the mind on the jobs for pretty much the entire day and is always enjoyable and interesting reading. Thanks for spending the time each week to send your message. Craig Burns

I was really impressed by your presentation at the Harcourts conference in February; my business owner had mentioned you several times, so it was neat to see you in the flesh! And then just last week he gave me a copy of your book, which I enjoyed very much. I’m enjoying your emails and getting a great deal of information and ideas from them. Thanks for being so open and sharing so much with the rest of us; you are quite inspirational! Paula Barrington

I love reading your emails - I might not get to read them for a week or so but I keep them in my inbox until I do. I often cut and paste the quotes you send into a word document on my computer and look at them when I need inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to write this email each week. Tania Vlahos

While reading the last few pages of your book last Thursday, I was sitting on Wategoes beach (Byron Bay) about 4pm, my partner was in having a surf and I looked up to see 4 whales cavorting in the bay just 300 meters off shore. It was amazing and a fitting tribute to your triumphant story and to their lives of freedom. Thanks for your inspirational email. You just made a difference in my world! Frank Blake

I love getting your emails at the end of the week - they're a great boost juice. I have been very busy!! I learnt a lot from the session you facilitated those few weeks back, and have (I'm sure) increased positive outcomes with clients and purchaser's alike. Marnie Ralph

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your e-mails, as you do, I also put all my subscriptions in a separate folder but always make time to read yours as they come in as they usually cast such a positive reflection on my day - keep up the good work! Andrea Ryan

I hope I will continue to received your weekly emails, since our brief meeting I have made some proactive changes in the way I do business, including my organisational skills & I must say that productivity has increased for both myself & my team! Thanks for your weekly messages, I love the bursts of inspiration I get! Keep it real, keep it creative. Natasha McNamara Franchise Manager, QUEST JOLIMONT

I first heard of you in the "Money Magazine" article in April. When I first read the article about you I kept going back over paragraphs and re-reading them as I found your story truly amazing and inspirational. I read and re-read your Advance to Go newsletters each week with awe at how successful you are and how positive and uplifting your comments are. You are a fabulous person and I will continue to look forward to your weekly newsletters. Kind regards. Tim Helman

I look forward to reading your email each week and it never fails to get me thinking about something new and significant. Kate West prisms (providing resources for independent single mothers after separation)

To you Kirsty - thank you for your wisdom. I'm sure you've been where I've been and that's why I look to you with great admiration. I look forward to more inspiring words to come. Your new Sydney subscriber and friend. Nick Dominique-Bouvat

Kirsty Dunphey your potential is unlimited!!! I only say that because you truly amaze me with what you write. I don’t know how many people I have spoken to in the last few days regarding Time Management, and I know that it is my constant battle within myself, I feel I never manage my time well enough and I know that when I do get a better hold on it my potential will be even greater. Kirsty I see in you the same things I see in people such as Rick DeLuca and Terry Watson. I look forward to working with you as you reach new heights. Maureen Lacey Business Owner Harcourts Tamar

Every time you send me one of these I get motivated. However today I found my heart a bit of a flutter and thinking to myself “Yeah, I’m going to go do something today”. Something that is not only going to make me think… wow! I can’t believe I did that, but something that is going to make someone else think. Oh my! How nice, how strange, how… awesome was that. So once again Miss D. Thank you and have a fantastic day. Yours in continuous amazement. Nicholas Corkhill Sales Consultant, Corkhill & Associates

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