Aging No More
Submitted On 2007-01-06

Many of our health related issues are a reaction to what our body absorbs and what nutrition is being taken in. Scientists have linked food and nutrition to life-expectancy, skin elasticity, aging, body functions, disease, and overall virility. The Aging No More ezine is designed to give you useful, practical and understandable information on how you can slow down and, in some cases, reverse your specific aging process. If your body doesn’t work like it used to, you still have an opportunity today to get it working again! Regain your health and vitality today by feeling the empowerment that allows you to improve physically, spiritually, and mentally!

Target Audience: Anyone over the age of 30 or interested in their health.

Tags: Aging, Anti Aging, Disease, Prevention, Whole Food, Nutrition, Natural, Supplements, Antioxidents, F

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