Aim Higher!
Submitted On 2006-05-30

Discover your passion and live your dreams in half the time through Holistic Personal Life Coaching!

Target Audience: holistic, new age, yoga, t'ai chi, meditation, zen, inner peace and happiness

Tags: holistic, personal, life coach, coaching

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Ezine Owner: Al Lipper

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Testimonial for Aim Higher!

"I recently had a life coaching "session" with Al and I was blown-away! I admit I went into the experience with a healthy dose of reservation and skepticism. However, within a few minutes it became clear that something powerful was underway. Al's listening skills (even on the phone!) were exceptional as evidenced by, among other things, his ability to pinpoint keywords in our discussion and hear what was not being said. In addition, through holistic life coaching, Al's ability to see the spectrum of issues at play in my life and synthesize them down to a readily attainable set of specific actions was nothing short of amazing. Life coaching provided a mirror allowing me to see with greater clarity who I am and what I need to do."

Tom Jordan President/Owner, Jordan Environmental Services

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