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Submitted On 2006-08-09

You can have a thriving, holistically balanced lifestyle! More easily than doing it on your own, more enjoyably with your new support team, and without spending a fortune. Make decisions that will trigger major changes in your life. Find your passion and live your dream in less time.

Target Audience: Holistic people seeking life balance while running the four minute mile of life.

Tags: holistic, new age, yoga, t'ai chi, meditation, zen, inner peace and happiness

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Ezine Owner: Al Lipper

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Testimonial for Aim Higher Newsletter

"Before I started life coaching with Al, I felt like my energies were very scattered in my business. I knew I wanted to make it more cohesive, organize my employees better and organize my workload better but I wasn't really quite sure how to do that. Through holistic life coaching, Al helped me break it down, step by step. Now I feel I have a clearer vision of not only where I'm at, but where I want to go. He's helped me to be able to manage better and supervise better.

"I've had a new business that I've been passionate about for years. It's amazing to see the results of this dream I had, which could have slipped away, now starting to happen as a result of life coaching with Al. He coaches me on the steps I need to take each week in order to make it a reality.

"Al's really helped me on everything from how to work with employees on a day-to-day basis to how to build my clients, talk to clients and gain new clients. It's all really improved in just a few months."

Holly Pandove, President, On The Horizon Communications

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