All-Round Success
Submitted On 2007-03-18

For many years I considered successful people to be those people who were well known and wealthy. People like actors, musicians, athletes, CEO's of large corporations and so on. If we try to measure our success by comparing ourselves to some of these people, we set ourselves up for failure. Most of us, although we could be if we desired it, will not become actors, musicians, athletes, etc. But, we can become the best fathers, mothers, friends, employees, bosses, neighbors, teachers, learners, etc. that its possible to become. And becoming these things, will have a hugh impact on our lives, as well as, the lives of those around us. That is the goal and mission of All-Round Success. A new article is delivered each week.

Target Audience: People seeking success in all areas of their lives.

Tags: Success, motivation, better relationships, positive thinking, self improvement

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