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Submitted On 2006-01-24

Almost a Newsletter comes to you about twice a month jam-packed with web design tricks, promotion tips, online resources, a Q & A section, and other interesting odds and ends. Also featured is Life's Little Goodies, a popular column about life, from my perspective. If you're going to live it, you might as well live it wisely!

Target Audience: webmasters

Tags: web design, html tutorials, html, css web design tips, javascript, internet business

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Testimonial for Almost a Newsletter

You have to give the award to Almost a Newsletter for the name alone. Actually, I chose it because it's the best example of a publication that is both entertaining and informative. The publisher - Boogie Jack - is one of the more colorful characters on this planet. But what makes him really stand out from the rest is that he has the readers' interests firmly welded to his heart.

There's something for everyone in this newsletter, whether beginner or professional. So expect to see website design and management tips interspersed with wit and wisdom of a broader kind. And if you want to know what I mean when I say the Web world could do with a few more Boogie Jack's, see the interview I did with him. ~

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