Ambitious Living
Submitted On 2008-09-03

Ambitious Living is a monthly thought-provoking read aimed at people who wish to live a happier and more fulfilled life. It looks at different aspects of ambition - how to live well, good relationships, how to be happy in your chosen work, tips for achieving more, the value of enthusiasm, the magic of gratitude, the power of adopting a productive attitude etc.

Each month also carries recommendations - some of these are related to the main story and some are online motivational movies, or small fun items. Book reviews, and many other features get recommended.

Ambitious Living is written by life coach Jacky Pratt. She focuses on coaching related to career change, building self-confidence and achieving wonderful relationships with those around you etc. She also offers a new innovative style of interactive coaching, available online at

Target Audience: People looking for regular inspiration and motivation; those looking to maximise happiness

Tags: ambition, inspiration, motivation, appreciation, career, relationships, happiness, fulfillment

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Ezine Owner: Jacky Pratt

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Testimonial for Ambitious Living

"Just a note to say how much I enjoy these newsletters and this one is really excellent."

"...your monthly newsletters and updates always give me a gentle boost and food for thought."

"As usual your newsletter dropped into my inbox at exactly the right time... Your words of wisdom soothed me somewhat and I have spent this morning properly planning in the next few weeks... Now feeling super organized and focused and the only thing that is left to do is phone the wonderful man in my life, whose head I bit off this morning and tell him I'm sorry! Keep sending those newsletters!"

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