Angel Animals Story of the Week
Submitted On 2009-03-11

We are Allen and Linda Anderson, authors and founders of the Angel Animals Network. We are working to help people discover and benefit from the miraculous powers of animals. We're inviting people to subscribe to the Angel Animals Story of the Week Newsletter and join a worldwide community of animal lovers.

The powerful stories in this unique publication warm the heart and offer a timely vision of spiritual wonders for a world sorely in need of them. Each week, thousands of people from over 40 countries look forward to reading the fascinating stories contributed by our readers about the human/animal spiritual bond. They join together in celebration of the gifts animals, as spiritual partners, bring to all our lives.

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"At 8:00 {PM) Saturday evening on June 11 2005 was the day when my heart was broken and (always will be). I received a phone call from the vet who informed me my Clover bunny had died. From that day on I searched until I found Angel Animals. The one thing I will do until I am with her again. I download all your Angel Animal Stories of the Week. I thank you now and always for the comfort and hope they provide." --Richard Shambo, Pennsylvania

"I have been receiving the Angel Animals Story of the Week for years now and am very grateful that you both do such wonderful things for animals and the education of people! I love hearing the stories about your pets especially Leaf who seems like a joy to have. Thank you again and keep ‘em coming. PS I have also read your books and have been inspired by your stories." --Maria Acosta, Queens, New York

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