Angular Momentum
Submitted On 2006-08-02

Angular Momentum -- Insights and Strategies to Keep You in Motion

In physics, any rotating body has an angular momentum about its center of mass. In other works, angular momentum makes the world go round…

Angular Momentum is a monthly publication sent the first Wednesday of each month. Each issue offers insights, practical solutions and reflections to help you claim personal power in your life and your career.

Target Audience: People who are dealing with conflicts or problems in their workplace or career

Tags: management, staff, improving job performance, career, job search

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Ezine Owner: Joan Schramm

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Testimonial for Angular Momentum

Here are just a few comments I’ve gotten about my newsletter in the past year:

"I love Angular Momentum, and look forward to it's arrival every month! Besides being loaded with tips and practical suggestions for moving oneself forward, Joan offers a unique perspective that never fails to inspire. Her wisdom, warmth and wit are touching and mostly what I love is the practical, no-nonsense approach she integrates into her coaching. She offers easy to implement suggestions coupled with well-explained concepts, providing the reader with inspiration and a compass that will surely lead you closer to the realization of your goals. Sign up for Angular Momentum and you won't be sorry! It's an easy way to benefit from Joan's expertise as a Coach, and it doesn't cost a dime!" Jan Gordon, LCSW, Executive & Personal Coach

“You have got it going on! I’m very impressed!” – Charles Boston, Chief of Operations

“I always share these with my work team – good stuff!” – Lissa Scott., Branch Chief, Customer Service

“Love your newsletter! Your writing is fantastic. The personal touches are wonderful, your articles very well written and a great length. Long enough to provide value, not so long as to bore anyone!” – Lisa Wilder, VP of Operations, Michael Port & Associates, LLC

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