Approaching Change
Submitted On 2009-02-06

Approaching Change supports leaders dealing with tough problems in today's challenging times. Because things are so complex today, transformational or visionary leadership isn't enough - no one person can see enough of the whole to have a clear vision on how to move forward. Today's effective leader has to step out of ego to admit that they only have one piece of the puzzle and engage all the other players in meaningful conversations to co-create the way forward. Approaching Change provides resources on this co-creative leadership style, including addressing personal leadership and co-creative strategies for engaging multiple stakeholders such as World Cafe and Open Space Technology. It features articles, book reviews and editorials by two leading practitioners and experts in co-creative leadership: Kathy Jourdain and Ravi Tangri.

Target Audience: Leaders dealing with tough problems

Tags: leadership, strategy, personal leadership, hosting conversations, world cafe, open space technology,

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GREAT article on management vs. leadership Ravi!


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