Attackproof Newsletter
Submitted On 2006-08-21

"The grease that makes all your other training work better." Former forensic homicide investigator John Perkins' free-form, adaptive art of Ki Chuan Do, combining military Close Combat, Internal and External martial art principles, modified Native American Ground Fighting and Point Shooting.

Target Audience: Open-minded martial realists, military, police and security professionals and ordinary civilians.

Tags: Self-defense, martial arts, Tai Chi, gracie ju jitsu, street fighting, mixed martial arts, jeet kune

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Testimonial for Attackproof Newsletter

I am extremely impressed with your concepts. Since learning about your Guided Chaos theory of fighting in last September's Black Belt Magazine reality fighting issue, I have bought the Attack Proof book and all three of your tapes. I have also recommended them to just about anyone I've talked to about self-defense!

I'm very enthusiastic about your methodology because I've proven to myself it works. Until recently, I was stationed in Germany. There, I helped my instructor run a self-defense class for military members and dependents. After getting your book and tapes, I began incorporating your principles into my training and teaching. The difference was astounding! --Lieutenant Colonel Wil Urquhart, United States Air Force. Black Belt, Combat Hapkido

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