Attitude Builders Tool Box
Submitted On 2007-05-17

A monthly subscription for Human Resource professionals, managers and training directors who want to raise performance and productivity to the next level. The content offers

*Tools to save time on meeting preparation

*Ways to engage your team in problem solving

*Tips to help you develop your team

*Ideas to improve customer service

Target Audience: Trainers, Human Resources, Managers, Leaders

Tags: Customer Service, meetings, employee development, articles, performance, productivity

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Ezine Owner: Marlene Chism

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Circulation: 1000+

Subscription Fee: $39 per month

Frequency of subscription renewal: Yearly

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Testimonial for Attitude Builders Tool Box

The size is right, it gives us a few minutes to add to our meetings in areas of general improvement of the company, our working relationships and understanding of ways to work with dysfunctional working relationships that we really can't change relative to the folks in other departments.

Ed Slipher QP Semiconductor

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