BabyStep Checklists - Food Storage Made Easy
Submitted On 2009-02-03

* Do you want to put together a stockpile of food and other emergency items?

* Would you like to put together your whole food storage program in one year?

* How would you like to get email reminders to keep you on track to meet your goals?

Well we have come up with a fabulous service for you! We have put together a year’s worth of BabyStep Checklists to make this process EASY. Every two weeks you will receive an email with a checklist of to do’s to guide you through building your food storage program one step at a time.

If you follow our checklists for one year you will have your 72 hour kits, water storage, 3 month supply of normal foods, and your entire one year supply of long-term foods as well as some critical non-food items. We started this program to help people with their New Year's Resolutions to get their food storage done, but if you sign up later you will automatically start with the very first checklist so that you won't miss a single one!

Target Audience: Anyone interested in building their food storage

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Testimonial for BabyStep Checklists - Food Storage Made Easy

"I just love this program. It has completely taken away the chaos and confusion that has plagued me in this area of managing my home." --Teresa in Montgomery, AL

"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to help so many of us with this. Can't wait for the next list!!" --Jenni in Idaho Falls, ID

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