Backpage Autoposting Saves Time And Bring In More Business
Submitted On 2009-10-15

Posting your ads on Backpage is one of the best ways to let everyone know that your business exists. However Backpage ad posting is a very time consuming process to say the least. You might be fine if you post around ten ads a week but if you are looking to post hundreds of ads a week the time it takes for you to go though various menus and verification procedures can add up quickly. This is why any business who is serious about using Backpage to its full potential needs to use a good Backpage autoposting program. One of the biggest plus points of using a Backpage autoposting program is you donít have to be there when the program is posting your ads you can put your effort to something else as the program does its work. This saves you valuable time which can be put too good use elsewhere. One of the best if not the best Backpage autoposting program is CL Bot Pro. This program is regularly updated and also has the ability to post ads to Craigslist and Kijiji. The good thing about this program is which it is constantly updated so you are never left with a program that canít deliver your marketing needs. There are also new features added to this program which make it ever more powerful. The fact that you can post potentially hundreds of ads every day at a click of a button makes it a must have piece of software for any business who is serious about free classifieds ad posting. The beauty of this Backpage autoposting program is that you can compose, edit, post, and delete ads from one easy to use interface instead of wasting your time on Backpageís website. You can either choose to compose one ad or you can post several and have CL Bot Proís headline randomizing feature randomize the headlines and the body of those ads so that they appear unique each time the software posts. Backpage has a security features that does not allow you to post more than a certain amount of ads and if you do they will ban your ads and your IP address. The good news is that CL Bot Pro has built in support for multiple proxies as well as for multiple IP addresses. This means that you can post literally hundreds of ads without the fear of your IP address or your ads getting banned. This is something that no other Backpage autoposting program can offer you but itís a must have feature since you are going to be posting many ads to Backpage in order to get more people to your business. CL Bot Pro makes Backpage autoposting easier and automatic thanks to its built in Auto Schedule feature it allows you to schedule exactly when you want the program to run. This saves you from having to keep a record and remember when you need to run the program in order to post your ads. With more features for this software there is a free demo that you can download to see how well it really works.

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