Balanced Scorecard Techniques:
Submitted On 2008-03-05

Specifically for those wanting to improve performance using the balanced scorecard. More than just collections of measures, this covers how to use strategy maps and how to ensure you create a culture of performance rather than measures mania and a tyranny of targets.

Target Audience: Executives wanting to influence performance. Perfoemance management specialists.

Tags: Balanced scorecard, stratgey maps, perfoemance management, measuring perfoemance, managing performan

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"Your magazine really hits the spot: You make me think hard about the principles I apply and why things are going wrong", Martin, Managing Director.

"Yours is one of the few voices of sanity that thinks like me. I wish my boss would read this", subscriber. Performance management specialist, Public Sector

"Very Dilbertesque. Do you work at my place?", Alan, Subscriber in the nuclear industry

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