Be the BEST You Can Be
Submitted On 2007-08-13

To help people, to motivate people, to provide positive focus for people... to encourage them, and shout Be the BEST You Can Be!

Target Audience: Those wanting to improve, enhance and enable themselves to be and do more

Tags: self-help, encouragement, empowerment, positive focus, motivate, self-steem, be the best you can be

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Ezine Owner: Russell Shippee

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Testimonial for Be the BEST You Can Be

I look forward to this newsletter. It is really nice to see someone being so positive and sharing the positive energy with others. We are exposed to so much negative energy while others are pushing people to control them. We see so little of people being encouraged to realize their potential without fear. We are living in a society of so much control and fear that it is nice to see encouragement to shed the fear and look within for strength. I must say that I am impressed. Keep it up!! You are making a positive difference!! KB

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