Beautiful Summer Morning Inspirational Newsletter
Submitted On 2008-07-15

We publish weekdays, we let you rest on the weekends. Our goal is to inspire to take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We offer quotes mainly from the material we are reading plus famous quotes that qualify as inspiring. We really do search for really good quotes. We also include a photograph. Many of our readers submit photo's for use. We also include my commentary, suggestions, exercises, journaling ideas and more. We also provide an inspirational link, or a movie or something completely different as long as we think it might serve to inspire you.

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Testimonial for Beautiful Summer Morning Inspirational Newsletter

Hi Nick, I could not go another day without telling you how inspiring your Beautiful Summer Morning is, and how I look forward to it every day. I has made me realize that some of the poetry and music had disappeared from my life for a while. You have brought it back to me. Last night I was seated on my patio, and I heard music in the breeze that was blowing gently across the hill behind my home. Terry's poem is beautiful, and I will have to thank her for allowing you to use it. She is so talented and a very dear friend. Thank you, Nick. You are a very special human being who takes the time to bring joy and beauty to others. You are a rare commodity in today's world. Judy Smith

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