Biz Growth Express
Submitted On 2006-11-13

Do you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, build your brand, attract your ideal clients and expand your success? Then register for "Biz Growth Express" to access strategies, inspiration and tips every week so that you can realise more profit and greater success with less stress.

You’ll also receive access to our weekly teleconference programme, "Biz Growth Live", where Krishna De, business development, branding and marketing mentor, is in conversation with experts from around the globe on how to build your brand and grow your business.

Media note: "Biz Growth Express" is a Oneocean Ltd publication.

Target Audience: Professional Services Firms

Tags: Brand, branding, personal branding, marketing, business development, Krishna De

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Testimonial for Biz Growth Express

I'm so glad I subscribed to "Biz Growth Express". What a great resource and now I also have access to the weekly "Biz Growth Live" calls are so relevant to building a business and it's wonderful to have access to a wealth of expertise that supports me as I grow my business.

The supporting notes are useful during the call and as a reminder and I have them filed away to refer to in the future. I’ve set the date in my calendar for every week.

Clare Evans Personal and Business Coach

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