Bleeding Quill - The Journal of Engaging Perspective
Submitted On 2006-06-14

Become more informed about world events, philosophy, science, religion, politics, & much more. Bleeding Quill features literature and art that promotes awareness and action. Inside Bleeding Quill you will find a melding pot of ideas that inspires readers to explore their world and use their voice.

Bleeding Quill is a quarterly electronic and print journal of edgy literature. Each issue features some of the most exciting voices in the literary community, as well as new writers with unique viewpoints on current events. Inside the magazine you will find essays and articles as well as striking fiction, poetry, & art with strong messages that consistently push the envelope.

Target Audience: Political Activists, Fiction Readers, Science Fiction/Fantasy Readers, Genre Fiction Readers, Poetry

Tags: Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Scifi, Fantasy, Orwell, World Events, Curr

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Testimonial for Bleeding Quill - The Journal of Engaging Perspective

Read [Issue 2] straight through which I read in sequence with everything else. I think "When It Collapsed" is a fine choice.

Man, every story and essay in this issue is a knockout; same with the poems. "For The Love of God" really grabbed me. I really enjoy anything that honestly grapples with society's arbitrary and archaic taboos.

"The Rational Party" gives me something to keep an eye on as I further my own [writing.] I love Andrew Oliver's views and the way he's stating them. Outstanding!

I'm knocked over by it.

--John P. Dellova

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