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Submitted On 2008-05-17

Free, bi-weekly e-zine. Each issue contains 5-6 facts about the most complex instrument in the Universe - the Human Brain and how it works. Researched & Written by David Halstead, M.Ed, aka The Brain Guy. Has been running for seven years, included in past issues: Learning, Bullying, various syndromes, Reading and over over 2000 more facts. (Complete collection available). Includes a Question Corner and special offers for subscribers. Free Consultation with The Brain Guy for the first person to sign up each day!

Target Audience: Teachers, Parents anyone interested in the Brain

Tags: Learning, Learning Problems, Behaviour, Behaviour Problems, Reading, Taken from the very Latest, up

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Ezine Owner: Peggy Halstead

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Thanks for helping us better understand how people tick through how the brain works." Unsolicited comment from an e-zine subscriber in Colorado, US.

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