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Submitted On 2008-05-21

Branching Out Life Coaching's monthly ezines address issues that midlife women face every day. The ezines are designed to offer support, motivation and practical tips to help women move forward in their lives. Plus a sprinkling of humor helps keep the messages doable and hopefully memorable. Each month a few eco-friendly tips are added to keep people up to date on methods to help make the planet greener.

Target Audience: Midlife wome who are looking to make positive, creative changes in their lives

Tags: Midlife women, baby boomer women, life coaching, transitions, humor, tips to live better

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Testimonial for Branching Out Life Coaching

"I was very fortunate to meet Elizabeth Cassidy through the first Long Island Ladies Who Launch incubator. During the Ladies Who Launch sessions, Elizabeth incorporated her coaching expertise to help support and guide our group sessions. She conveyed the importance and significance of integrating humor into our daily lives. We definitely laughed a lot! Elizabeth's unique career background coupled with her sincerity, passion and keen sense of humor will have a very positive and profound impact on her coaching clients."

-Jennifer Ross,ActivEntrepreneur & Intuitive Marketing, Inc., Founder & President, Strategic Marketer.

I am writing this with such gratitude to my Life Coach, Elizabeth Cassidy. I’ve had a few coaching sessions with her regarding my new business EXPANSION and found that she has been able to guide me into doing things I never thought I’d do! She has a way of making something that seemed tedious to me in the past, become simple and do-able. Setting three month goals for a six month period would have never been attractive to me in the past, but with Elizabeth, I was excited to get it all down and follow the plan. Every piece of advice she has offered is like a little golden nugget. I am still in awe of all of the options and suggestions that she has tucked under her hat!

I’ve had sessions with a life coach in the past and was not overly impressed. The coach was a dedicated person, and loved what she was doing, but doesn’t hold a candle to Elizabeth’s abilities and knowledge. I have gotten so much out of our coaching sessions that I find it hard to express in just a few sentences, how happy I am with the direction my business is taking. It’s really Branching Out!

I highly recommend Branching Out Life Coaching with Elizabeth Cassidy to everyone for personal or business direction.

Deirdre O’Malley, LMT. EXPANSION (Helping you expand your health service business)

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Cassidy during a very difficult time in my life. While undergoing treatment for breast cancer, my dear father passed away. After much prayer and soul searching, I made the decision to resign from a high level Branch Director position. Being a single parent made this an even more difficult decision to make as I did not have another job in place. Elizabeth gently reminded me that I needed to take care of myself first in order to take care of my son well. Through her encouragement and support I made the transition to a job doing what I am passionate about that suits my family life better. She has had the experience of “reinventing herself” and was able to motivate me to do the same through her spiritual nature, insightful tips and her wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend Elizabeth Cassidy as the person to work with when you decide to engage a Life Coach. Melissa S.

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