Break Through Your Old Crust!
Submitted On 2007-03-15

Butterflies are not born, they transform. Even the most beautiful butterflies started out, like you and me, as an egg. Something has to happen in the interim. It is called metamorphosis or total transformation. You have to eat leaves for a while. You need to stay in the dark for a while, and you might consider spending some time alone, isolated from the rest of the world. You will also endure pain while breaking through your old cocoon. Only then your true colours will start shining through. You will be able to spread your wings in the light of the sun and float graciously from flower to flower, drinking the sweetest nectar from the most attractive bloom.

P.S. Scientific studies have shown that butterflies that receive human assistance in escaping their cocoons are not as likely to survive! The struggle makes the butterfly stronger, and so it is with you. Embrace your struggles and learn from them, and you will become wiser and more capable.

To your health and wealth, Matthias Schmelz Author of the most expensive business book in the world

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