Bridge Table Chronicles
Submitted On 2011-07-20

I call it a blogezine. It's the only one, far as I know, celebrating what I call SOCIABLE bridge playing, as opposed to the serious/silent/competitive kind of bridge promoted by the bridge establishment.

It has four topics: Bridge, Sociable Bridge, Ladies Lunch, Nonagenarian Notions

Bridge is intended for players of all kinds, that I hope will become a forum especially for forward-thinking serious players willing to take my advice and promote the game they love by doing what was historically done back in the 20s and 30s--target sociable players as well as serious types. It's about bridge history, learning to play, publicizing what's going on today in bridge, et cetera

Sociable Bridge and Ladies Lunch are basically derived from my book Bridge Table or What's Trump Anyway, which is about the history and pop culture of bridge (not bridge hands!!!)

Nonagenarian Notions is here because playing bridge is famous for the long-livedness of its fans whether they play serious or sociable bridge (I'm 91 myself). I have a Google Alert that feeds me ongoing material for this topic.

Target Audience: I'm hoping to penetrate the bridge establishment (who have ability to follow my advice!) as well as

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Testimonial for Bridge Table Chronicles

Here's one from (Claus and Raymond) about my book, but applicable to blog as well which they'd urged me to do: "a fascinating and original perspective"

That's what Bridge Table Chronicles is essentially--a new perspective on bridge that should be absorbed by its establishment, and made known to the millions of sociable bridge players.

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