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Submitted On 2006-05-09

BSQNews: free newsletter from publisher. BSQMagaZines: G-Rated Romance Short Story MagaZines and Mystery Short Story MagaZines published and distributed by email subscription only. MagaZines include: (published 2x/mo) (pub quarterly) (pub quarterly) (pub quarterly) (pub quarterly) (pub quarterly). Free e-mail subscription to nursing homes and women's shelters.

Target Audience: Short Story Writers and Readers, women ages 16 - 106

Tags: christian fiction, e-books, electronic books, fiction, flash fiction, genre, getaways, g-rated, guid

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Ezine Owner: Dale Westfall

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Circulation: >1000..+

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Testimonial for Bristol Square News and MagaZines

Hi B. I loved the 1st story. every one is most enjoysble. refreshing break and I enjoy the happy endings. Fun story. You never know what a good "herb" will do for you. love, MK - (Nurse Manager - Subscriber)

Hi B, I thoroughly enjoyed both stories. They were interesting and fun and I hope you consider senting them to other places too. Thanks they were really good. Christian Short Stories. Neat Idea. Keep up the good work. PS (Director of Non-Profit Org. - Subscriber

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