Burn Your Recipes
Submitted On 2009-05-20

With "Burn your Recipes" e-zine, you will receive the monthly inspiration you need to get back into the kitchen with confidence.

You won't want to miss a single:

* tip

* how-to

* cooking method

* "recipe" inspiration

* or holiday idea

and you won't have to! Our cooking magazine will bring it all to you!

"Burn Your Recipes" is a free monthly e-zine and your secret weapon to learning the simplest way to cook ever - using basic cooking method. With every issue, you'll be up-to-date, learning the chef secrets that make cooking rock!

You'll also receive Free my exclusive "Whats for Dinner" 5 Day dinner challenge. You'll receive a shopping list, prep instructions and a daily "recipe inspiration" complete with instructions and corresponding video references. This program is meant to give you a "jump-start" in easy everyday cooking and I know you are going to love it and maybe even surprise yourself with what a great cook you can be!

Target Audience: home cooks, culinary students, professional cooks

Tags: cooking methods, cooking recipes, everyday cooking

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Ezine Owner: Todd Mohr

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Circulation: 600 - new e-zine; growing at rate about 100 per week+

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