Bursting with Abundance
Submitted On 2009-02-02

The weekly newsletter about prosperity, wealth, joyful living, and all-around ABUNDANCE.

This newsletter is sent out every Monday to your inbox, designed to inspire you to a life of greater abundance and joy. Each issue will have information, tools, quotes, stories, words of wisdom, resources, coaching, and encouragement to help you stay focused on creating the life you want and deserve.

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Target Audience: Men and Women seeking greater abundance in their lives

Tags: Abundance,Law of Attraction,Live Abundantly,Believe In Your Dreams,prosperity,Inner Guidance

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Ezine Owner: Suzanne Devereux

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Circulation: 50+

Subscription Fee: $5.00 per month for weekly newsletter

Frequency of subscription renewal: monthly

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Testimonial for Bursting with Abundance

"Thank you again for such a great newsletter. Today's edition was one of my favorites ever!" ~ H.A.L.

"What a great presentation. This was really eye opening….a great obvious way to put the law of attraction to work! Thanks so much." ~ L.E.

"I'm really trying to interpret every little thing that does happen as a sign of Abundance. I guess I'm learning that it really is all about how you think about things and how you view them... I started implementing your idea... it works!" ~ H.N.

"Thank you for being a great teacher and friend on my path of learning to attract good things in my life, how to see things for the greater good, and how to expect and attract abundance of good things, and how to not settle for anything less than what I deserve!" ~ H.L.

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