Business Success - Overcoming Obstacles
Submitted On 2007-03-29

If youíre an entrepreneur, youíve undoubtedly encountered obstacles in your self-made business. Obstacles are commonly considered a nuisance, but did you know they are also an asset to your business?

While obstacles do indeed emanate unavoidable frustration, they also force us to evaluate what works and what doesnít. We are challenged to determine what doesnít work, and turn it around to produce more effective strategies to better ensure our businessí success. Building a business requires a lot of trial and error, one of the key elements in generating a successful business.

As entrepreneurs, we are faced with decisions each and every day that dictates whether our business will succeed or fail. A successful entrepreneur uses their shortcomings to develop successful business strategies. Our failures serve as tools to assist us in discovering what works well and what we should avoid in the future.

The most successful entrepreneurs strive to discover ways to consistently improve their product or services. It makes no difference if you own a small business or a corporation, success is dependent on growth. To achieve growth we must always be looking for new ways to improve our business strategies in an effort to lead our business to the next level of success.

As an entrepreneur, you know that opportunity doesnít come knocking at your door. You have to actively pursue your dreams. Thatís the difference between dreamers and doerís! Successful entrepreneurs start out with the dream of owning their own business. They donít just sit there and dream of being successful, they diligently pursue the steps required to achieve their goals.

How many entrepreneurs do you know that have been chastised and accused of being a dreamer? Walt Disney was, but that didnít stop him from building a multi-billion dollar empire that people from every corner of the earth schedule their vacations around every year!

Hereís another superb example of a success story... Did you know Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinkos, is dyslexic and had a history of being expelled from high school? Now thereís one man that wonít take no for an answer. Paul is living proof that perseverance and determination will result in success! Anyone else may have submitted to defeat. Paul is a classic example that all things are possible if you donít allow obstacles to interfere with you achieving your goals.

Taking risks is a required factor in achieving success. If you always stay on the safe side of the fence, youíll never experience the gratification of facing your fears and overcoming obstacles that pose as barriers in your career. Overcoming these barriers develops strength and builds on the characteristics of a truly successful entrepreneur.

Step up to the challenge of consistently improving your products or services. Actively seek new opportunities that offer the potential for growth and taking your business to the next level of success. Acknowledge your weaknesses, and find ways to turn them into productive new ways to achieve success. Make a conscious effort to consistently promote your business.

If you follow these basic examples of ensuring your businesses success, youíll be on the road to a owning a thriving, productive business. You will be recognized as a leader for newcomers embarking on the threshold of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are known as leaders not followers, pave the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs to model their success by.

I donít know of any entrepreneurs that are self made success stories! All of us seek advise from experts and colleagues that have a proven success record in their areas of expertise. The Internet offers a wealth of experts in any field imaginable! Beware of the individual that is a self proclaimed success in all aspects of business. Seek reliable advisors and mentors through networking groups via the Internet. Yahoo Groups offers many free networking resources. There are networking groups dedicated exclusively to women, minority entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, and any number of other specific fields of business.

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