Business Success E-Series
Submitted On 2008-11-17

The Business Success E-Series is a free, five-part series, followed up by periodical articles to help those that are self-managed and self-directed to: - Define and execute your best strategy - Improve your effectiveness - Greatly increase your focus and motivation - Upgrade your skills - Significantly increase your revenue - Reduce your stress, anxiety and worry - And finally get that great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment in achieving your ideal business

Some specific areas covered include: - Laying your business foundation - goal setting and vision focusing - Developing yourself and others - leadership and management for entrepreneurs/sales professionals - Boosting your networking & sales - finding potential prospects and having them become either a fan or a client - Leveraging your strengths -using what is really motivating and driving you to snowball and roll your business to new success!

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Home-based Businesses, Direct Sales Professionals

Tags: entrepreneur, small business, home-based business, sales, marketing, networking, MLM, network market

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"This was a very true article! I like your recommendations and insight! Thanks for keeping me on your distribution list! I forward this to my peers and they love it as well." - Nena

"Hello, I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I find your email's quite well written and informative. I appreciate you sharing." - Gail

"Jason: I really appreciate receiving this note and found inspiration in the article.... Thank you again - you lifted my day!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Russ

"Jason, Thanks for sharing your newsletter. It's always a quick read, but more importantly I always take away at least two or three tips that I can put to work immediately in my business and my personal pursuits." - Ruth

"Good morning Jason, This is a good article and I'd like the other four (parts)." - Troy

"From the first time we met, you have impressed me with your focus on helping others get to a better place. Your emails and newsletters share insightful info." - Denise

"Jason - Great tips!" -Jonathan

"I enjoy reading your topics on how to grow your 'brand'!" - Catherine

"Hi Jason, I enjoyed reading your e-mail. Good info." - Marcy

"Jason, I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks to you I'm going to be more proactive with networking. I'll concentrate on building relationships not a list. After all, isn't that what it's all about ultimately?" - Marie

"Nice article Jason! Very well put." - Megan

"I could not say it better. Bravo Jason!" - Jean

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