Buying Wholesale Products via Wholesale Forums
Submitted On 2007-07-08

Wholesaler Forums - Definition Wholesaler forums are online communities for discussing various topics relative to the wholesale trade. Participants communicate by posting to a community trade board which is visible to all. Wholesale forums are monitored by a forum administrator who sets the guidelines for what is permissible.

Wholesaler Forums - History Wholesale forums in the late 1990's were non profit areas for people with common interests to meet and discuss a variety of topics. Readers could receive free advice from other members but were expected to abide by the Netiquette Golden Rule meaning "if you take, please give back". These early forums were called Bulletin Boards. The participants were not required to use their real name, a nickname, alias or pseudonym was sufficient. The early forums were commonly brainstorm sessions and idea sharing areas to build a better world wide web.

Wholesaler Forums - Modern Wholesale forums today have changed. Wholesale forums have become large profitable communities for forum owners to earn revenue from affiliate marketing schemes and advertising. The majority of wholesale forums are operated by site administrators who do not have a background in the wholesale trade. Because the objective is to make money through PPC, wholesale forum administrators do not have a motive for protecting buyers from fraud. Scammers find wholesale forums are an easy avenue for ripping off buyers. Forum administrators do not normally require members to produce a real identity, tax id or criminal background check so scammers target Newbie Ebayers who want wholesale products to resale on Ebay. Scammers make it appear there is a huge following of happy supporters when in actuality, it is one person using multiple log in names to build false confidence. Eager newbies fall for the scam only to later discover the fake person has disappeared with their money leaving no trace. If reported to the forum administrator, chances are he will only provide a floating IP address and fake identity. Imagine telling the Police: "well, I bought some lacoste shirts from a guy named "greedyboy" on the Internet. His IP address shows he was from Nigeria.

Wholesaler Forums - Red Flags Forum administrators have the ability to set the rules and to ban users posting under several pseudonyms in order to deceive buyers. Depending on the site owner's purpose, the moderator may or may not disallow multiple personality postings. The best examples of wholesale forums permitting users to use multiple pseudonyms are the Wholesale 411 Forum and the "Honest Dave" Forum. The majority of the users posing as "experts" are in business to make money! These experts point to pictures of "authentic jeans" which direct users right down the path to the trap door. Please note that "Honest Dave" is an Ebay seller, and mall owner who has a history of selling Fake Denim Jeans. The UK Wholesale Forum is suspected of similar games. Millions have lost money trusting strangers hiding behind fake screen names and pictures in forum groups! Don't buy all the baloney. Ask for a copy of the original invoice proving the goods were purchased from the licensed distributor. If there are no papers, accept the fact that you are taking a chance. If the seller won't agree to a 3rd party escrow service and 24 hour inspection, it is most likely a scam.

Wholesaler Forums - Find Good Ones Wholesale forums are not all bad. To find wholesale forums, enter the keywords "wholesale forums, wholesale online forums" into google's search box. There are many to choose from. Before you join, read the site owner's rules. Look up the site owner's information and google the owner's name. There are many good wholesale forums online to learn about the wholesale trade. Jim Wilson's Auctionhints is a good place to start. Jim's background is SEO instead of wholesale-retail-ebay but he carries a good reputation. Before trusting anyone, remember to use good common sense and never ever send money to a fake business hiding behind a pseudonym and cartoon picture. If the seller is honest, request the order be processed through an escrow service that has been in business for years like Janesdeals. If the seller refuses, this should raise concern on your end.

Wholesale Blogs Wholesaler blogs are another alternative for finding wholesalers, wholesale products and tips on how to buy and sell wholesale. Jim Staley from wholesalegopher, is along time player in the online wholesale industry. In fact, Jim was once a gold key seller at back in 2001. Check out Jim's Wholesale Blog at The Wholesale Gopher. Remember, whichever venue you select, it is Not up to the site owner to protect you from fraud. Use good common sense when buying wholesale products online.

Jane's Wholesale Auction Forum Jane's Wholesale Auction is a leading marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet, negotiate and make live deals for wholesale products. Funds are held until delivery and inspection to ensure buyers that the shipment is delivered as advertised. Read Wholesaler Reviews

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