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Submitted On 2007-06-16

Before I went to the”">camping tent sale , I did not realize how elaborate camping gear could get. You see, I had not been on a camping trip since my Boy Scout days. Back then, things were simple. I had never seen anything but a basic pop up tent. There was the simple camping tent – made out of rugged canvas – a few polls, and a fly to put over the top of it . That was it. Nowadays, camping tents are tremendously expensive and complex. They come in all kinds of different varieties. You can get a basic Eureka tent, or something much more expensive. There were at least six different designs that I saw at the camping tent sale, and countless variations of each design. It really was almost dizzying!

Nonetheless, after I went to a few camping tent sales, I had started to figure out what I wanted. At the first camping tent sale I went to, there was no one there who would help me. It was a clearance sale, and the staff was so busy that they would not answer any questions. In the second camping tent sale, however, someone stopped to answer all of my questions about camping equipment. It turns out that camping tents have become tremendously specialized things. He told me that the camping tent sale didn't even have every single type of tents. Basically, however, for the type of camping that I was doing, almost anything would do. Since I would only be hiking a few miles, I could get a tent that was bigger than I really needed for me and my wife. It would allow me to camp in comfort, with plenty of room to move around. A lot of the tents at the camping tent sale were much more professional than the style that I was looking at. You see, it may seem strange but as you get into more serious backwoods, you use smaller tents. The smaller the tent, the more portable it is. In addition, smaller tents help to preserve body heat. The camping tent sales directed towards mountaineers will have tents about half the size of the one that I bought. They will be well insulated, and so cozy that you can camp in polar conditions with them. I didn't need anything like this at the camping tent sale. My basic, run-of-the-mill camping tent would do just fine.

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