Celebrate the process
Submitted On 2007-08-07

Celebrate the process

Dear Entrepreneur,

The other day I got a chance to meet an old acquaintance in a social gathering after almost 15 years. All I could recall about him was his struggle to set up his software company in San Francisco when I had last met him in a convention. He was in a desperate search of a venture capitalist. To cut it short, today he owns a 50 people software company in San Francisco and looks more composed and happy than he was that time.

This person, who I would call Ken Palmer, was surrounded by people all the time in that gathering and gave an impression of being no less than a celebrity. I wondered what had he become! I approached him finally when I saw no one around him. Whatever you say, radiance does start showing in ones personality after experiencing achievement and success! I am only delighted to share with you what he told me about his success over the years:

Ken said, “When I launched my company in 1991, I just had with me my technical knowledge and no funds. I spent almost two good years looking for a venture capitalist who could fund my business of developing software products for the retail industry.

Finally, when I did come across one and got my company funded, and was relaxing by the bay one evening mulling over my achievement, there was something that was disturbing me internally. I got someone to fund my company….but at a cost. And that cost was ‘continuous focus on my goal for two long years’.

I didn’t attend a single social event, spent all my weekends working…..Ah! Good I wasn’t married that time! As if I had vowed to abstain from the joys of life until I reached my destination. Agreed, that did pay back but was it really an enjoyable journey? And for that matter the journey hadn’t even ended there. I had so much to achieve even after getting my company funded.

As I got along with my business and started managing the teething troubles, I realized at every instance and stage of my career I would have to work with equal amount of perseverance and commitment. That meant I just spend my entire life focusing on my goals and spare no time for enjoying what I achieved on a daily basis? One fine day I would realize I have gotten old and wasted those precious years reaching nowhere! And it was then I decided to follow a principle – Enjoy every moment of your success, no matter how trivial it is.”

I could only agree with Ken about that.

Ken continued further, “Eversince, I have been celebrating every small success or achievement in my business. I am a much happier person than so many others who started like me but forgot that ‘business’ or ‘work’ is just a means to an end and not an end in itself. I consider myself sane enough to have learnt this at such an early stage of my life!”

Friends, what Ken shared with me that day is something which is so much applicable to just any business, including our own home business too. In our efforts to reach the destination, aren’t we forgetting to acknowledge the small victories on the way? Life would go on like this, one challenge after the other. Goals you surely would reach, but the journey would become unpleasant. Probably when you’ll realize this, it will be too late. Success is not only about achieving positive results, it’s so much also about enjoying the process, because the process last longer. Results have a very short life. People would remember you not only for your results but also for how you went through to the results.

Keep the momentum going!

Sincerely, HA.

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