Changing Organisations
Submitted On 2009-03-02

A monthly with provocative thoughts about organizational change.

Target Audience: Managers and consultants interested in organizational change

Tags: Organizational change, leadership, management

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Testimonial for Changing Organisations

“We hired Stephen as a consultant on a significant change project. I would imagine that any project he took on he would manage supremely well.”

“I was really impressed with the way Stephen orientated to the organisation. He really listened to what we wanted. As soon as he started he was able to anticipate our needs.”

“Stephen got to grips really quickly with the heart and soul of the organisation. He was always thinking ahead.”

“Stephen very much connected with the purpose of the organisation and deliberately become part of the organisation and I think people really appreciated that.”

“Stephen has great knowledge and personal skills and he was prepared to do whatever it took. He goes the extra mile.”

“We were able to keep the organisation running at the same time the change management process was underway, because of Stephen’s ability to keep things highly flexible and his ability to stretch.”

“Even though there was conflict in the organisation he was able to keep people’s confidence in the change process.”

“Stephen’s ability to take staff with him has been incredible. He has a very respectful style.”

“One of Stephen’s strengths is his ability to connect with people.”

“Stephen has a highly ethical approach.”

“My sense is that Stephen is informed by his knowledge but that is something he doesn’t make explicit. He uses personal connections with people to encourage their ideas.”

“There is a sense of purpose in what Stephen does. Stephen is able to use his own knowledge but give the impression that the knowledge is coming from the client. That’s a real skill.”

“Stephen sends a strong message that he’s working with senior management but inspires others to think that he’s not part of the power base.”

“Stephen is stimulating to work with. He is very respectful, flexible and supportive.”

“I’d recommend Stephen to anybody. We’re going to be sorry when the project finishes.”

Virginia MacEwan Chief Executive Wellink Trust

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