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Submitted On 2007-03-17

Character is the underlying key to succes in all areas of life. But character is more than just being a good person. There are at least forty-nine different character qualities. By working to improve these character qualities, we see more succes in everything we undertake. Character Determines Success!

"Character Matters" is a free monthly email newsletter. Each issue focuses on a different character quality. It provides insight into the importance of that particular character quality and suggestions on how to develop and implement it.

"Character Quote for the Day" is a free daily email with an inspirational quotation concerning character.

Both "Character Matters" and "Character Quote for the Day" are free.

Target Audience: Parents, teachers, leaders, and anyone who wants to improve their lives.

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Testimonial for Character Quote for the Day

I really appreciate the character quotes for the day! They are en-COURAGEing!

-- Ryan

Thank you so much the recent Character Matters: LOYALTY.

This issue breakdown on Justice, Decisiveness, Patience and Cautiousness is most excellent. Today more than ever we need to have brought back attributes that outwardly appear to have been lost.

Thanks again for reminders of rules to live by.

-- Dori

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