Cherry Blossom Soup
Submitted On 2010-08-13

Cherry Blossom Soup is the newsletter for Simply Celebrate, a company dedicated to turning ordinary days into an extraordinary life. The email newsletters offers tips, tools, and practices for helping people find more joy, color, connection, and spontaneity in their lives.

Target Audience: Women, ages 35-65.

Tags: happiness, delight, joy, depression, overwhelm, relationships, self-help, human potential, possibili

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Ezine Owner: Sherry Richert Belul

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Circulation: 500+

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Testimonial for Cherry Blossom Soup

Always fun to read your newsletters! I loved the 17 things to do as pick-me-ups. (Jill R.)

Thanks Sherry! I read this article all the way through with a welling up of emotion. I love that this newsletter seems to come over the wires always at a time I need it. Hurrah for inspirational moments! (Amy S.)

This email newsletter came at the perfect time for me. It's such a gift to me to be able to hear what I feel described so aptly by someone else. (Kim H.)

It is fantastic to be reminded of the simple questions that lead to living an inspired and conscious life. (Tanya F.)

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