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Chinavestor provides the most trusted China stock coverage. Our team of China stock researchers and independent journalists provide technical and fundamental coverage of over 100 China stocks listed in the U.S. .

We started to analyse Chinese stocks back in 2004 when Chinese ADRs were in their infancy. We have followed Chinese IPOs in the U.S., in Hong Kong, and most recently in Shanghai. We have seen the Chinese banking sector go public and ICBC to become the largest financial institution in the world. We witnessed another record set by a Chinese equity, Petrochina in Shanghai, to grow in market cap to over $1 trillion. We've been following China Mobile growing to become the largest mobile carrier in the world. And the we've seen the 2008 crash, the Shanghai Composite to tumble from 6000 to under 2000.

So we're not new on the block. This is evidenced by surfing through our extensive News library kept updated since 2004. We captured every significant event ever since and now you can go back on time and look up events, stocks, big market days and many more.

Chinavestor is located in the New York City Metro Area in Oxford, CT - just a step away from Wall Street.

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