Chocolate Fish
Submitted On 2006-12-14

Many of our clients have asked us to recommend a couple of items that would be very useful for them to research and learn more about before coming to visit New Zealand. Then our customers come to us after having an amazing time here, and want to have a keepsake that they can treasure to always remind them of their great time in New Zealand.

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Testimonial for Chocolate Fish

"The Wine Book is perfect - especially as we were all on the South Island earlier in the year on holiday. I'm certain it will be much appreciated and your hasty service has left me with no worries about it arriving in time. Thank you also for the gifts and the screensaver -its already on our computer! Best wishes, Michelle" Michelle Haylock, United Kingdom

"I´m very happy with my gifts [three calenders]. I would like to thank you for your service: the emails and the personal message I found inside the parcel. You treat your customers like friends (the only difference is, unfortunately these friends have to pay... ). Also thanks for the goodies. I like them very much. Especially I will enjoy the [Scenic New Zealand] screensaver on hard days at the office and dream of the next journey to NZ. Have a nice and successfull day!" Alex Diefenbach, Germany

I shall never forget the excitement that she showed when we opened up the gifts - one by one - and all wrapped so beautifully in little baskets...

"Hello Kristina: My name is Colleen from Sydney, Australia. I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Products from NZ. My mother was in the final stages of cancer with only days to live ... and for some unknown reason she insisted on buying her 5 grandchildren Tikis. Well, we surfed the net and found your company and saw lots of selections of special greenstone pendants. Each of the children chose their own and you acted really quickly to ensure that they arrived in time for a Maori blessing by a local Maori minister who visited Mum in hospital - along with 3 of the grandchildren. She was so happy - and I shall never forget the excitement that she showed when we opened up the gifts - one by one - and all wrapped so beautifully in little baskets. The quality of the greenstone is obvious - even to us without experience. She even enjoyed the sweets which you sent along as a special gift. We shall never forget your sensitive support in helping us make Mum's final wish come true ... and helping us deal with a very sad period in our lives. We feel that these pendants will be everlasting tokens of Mum's love for her grandchildren and we believe her spirit lives on through them. Thank you sincerely - from the bottom of my heart. Cheers - Colleen" Colleen Walters, Australia "Thanks also for the other [free] gifts - lovely!"

"Hi, I received my Hei-Matau Pendant Tuesday morning and am very well pleased with it, many thanks. Cheers. PS. Thanks also for the other [free] gifts - lovely!" Rob, USA

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The service your company has provided has been excellent... total satisfaction... even a hand written card!!" "The parcel you sent me arrived safely early this week and was much appreciated - my 2 year old son George ate the cookies and my nephew begged for the pendant. The service your company has provided has been excellent... even a hand written card!! I have downloaded the wallpaper images you sent on CD ROM. I have told friends and family about your web site and love the beautiful wooden items you sell. I will be glad to visit the [3rd party customer rating] web site you suggest and express nothing but total satisfaction - this is rare because we Brits don't know the meaning of the words "Customer Relations." For a "nation of shopkeepers" our retailers have a hell of a lot to learn!! Thanks again and I am sure to return one day as a satisfied customer. I particularly like the clocks and mirrors! Best wishes... and keep up the excellent work." Kevin McFarlane, UK

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Amazed and astounded by the great customer service..." "I have never received better service from an on-line company before!!! I do not think I have ever received as wonderful customer service as I have received from you from other places. I just received my order (great timing by the way) and I am still amazed and astounded by the great customer service, the free gifts, and the nice hand-written letter, not to mention the quality of the product itself. I am definitely going to return to Products from New Zealand Ltd., and I am spreading the word to everyone I know. Thank you again for the great service!!!" Nichol Patrick, Washington, USA

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I really appreciate how...the items were exactly as described..." "I ordered gifts from your website and received them about a month and a bit ago. I just wanted to tell you that all of my gifts ordered from your website have finally been received by my friends and family and were met with universal praise and excitement. I really appreciate how quickly they were sent, how the items were exactly as described, and how happy I am with the results. Again, thank you for such superior service! I could not be more pleased! A very happy new Year to you all!" Annette Varcoe, Brackney, USA

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So friendly and kind..." "Kristina, I have met a few New Zealanders--all of whom have been so friendly and kind. And, now, the message from you merely reinforces the greatness of you and your country. Thank you for taking the is truly appreciated." Janiene Schultz - Upper Midwest, USA

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