Communication Secrets of Making People Like You
Submitted On 2007-03-19

Teaches the many areas of communication skills including topics such as conversation skills, listening, conflict management, assertion, and self understanding. It also provides information in other personal development areas such as motivation, confidence, and leadership where effective communication and self skills are extremely helpful.

Target Audience: 18-35 improving communication for socializing, business, and family

Tags: communication, relationships, self, effective, skills, personal, development

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Ezine Owner: Joshua Uebergang

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Circulation: 5000+

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Testimonial for Communication Secrets of Making People Like You

Hi Joshua

I will start by letting you know your website and newsletters are fantastic.

I have only recently come across the website, but have found the information content most helpful and very interesting.

I would encourage anyone seeking information on any human behavioural topics to visit your website!!

Once again, I praise you for all your work and thank you for your assistance.

C.B. Melbourne, Australia

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