Condo Hotel Property Alert
Submitted On 2005-12-25

Condo Hotel Property Alert is a bi-weekly newsletter that announces and describes new condo hotels coming on the market. Subscribers will often have a chance to buy into condo hotel properties at pre-construction, first-tier prices.

Condo hotels are hassle-free vacation homes that also offer investment potential. They are located in fantastic vacation destinations around the U.S. and the world.

Target Audience: Real estate buyers and developers

Tags: condo hotels, Condo Hotel Center, vacation home investments

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Testimonial for Condo Hotel Property Alert

"As a reader of the Condo Hotel Property Alerts, I have learned about condo hotels and been able to invest in several properties in early pre-construction stages that have appreciated significantly."

Janice Operville

"We bought a beautiful vacation home in a four-star condo hotel in Miami based on a tip from Condo Hotel Property Alerts. It's only been a year, but already the property has appreciated 24%."

Charles Kaschuk

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