Copywriting Checklist To Bulletproof Your Copy
Submitted On 2007-05-08

Here is a checklist of things that you need to include in your copy. It is a good idea to go through this checklist to see whether you have included all the necessary items.

• Have you included the word ‘you’ in your headline, or at least implied it?
• Does your headline grab attention and shout out strong benefits?
• Is your headline relating to the needs of your reader?
• In your headline, have you flagged the specific group you are marketing to?
• Does your second paragraph or subheading flow on from the headline, hinting at a solution to the problem?
• Is your copy addressing the fears, wants and needs of your buyer and does it show them how to achieve the best results?
• If you’ve made some claims, have you shown them why it should get results?
• Did you start off with the most powerful benefit?
• Did you give your reader all the details and benefits that they need when making their buying decision?
• In your copy, did you address all potential objections?
• Did you include case studies and testimonials?
• Did you include a guarantee?
• Did you include a limited offer?
• Have you included an offer that has a high perceived value to the reader? Will it be of interest to them?
• Did you tell your reader the reasons why you are making this offer?
• In your last paragraph, do you summarise the most powerful sales appeal and create a sense of urgency?
• In your copy, have you told your reader what to do e.g. "Call now on,,,,,,,,,,,,, to get your free copy etc. ………..?
• Is it easy for your reader to respond to your copy?
• Is your copy following the flow of “Problem, Agitation and Solution"?
• Is your copy written in a friendly, conversational tone that is easy to understand?
• Have you used short paragraphs with short words and short sentences?
• Is there any word that you need to replace with a more ‘punchy’ word?
• Does the copy you have written flow well?
• Are the important words highlighted?
• Have you written your copy so it is easy to understand?
• Have you scrapped all redundant words?
• Have you used the word "you" twice as much as you used "we" or "I"?
• Have you used the ‘active’ voice in your copy (and not the passive voice)?

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