Coverage Pointers
Submitted On 2009-03-07

The single source for New York insurance law, this publication reviews every New York appellate opinion in an easy to read, "hot case" format. Free to subscribers it is in in 10th year of publication with a direct readership of over 1700 subscribers.

Target Audience: Insuance Claim Professionals, Risk Manages, Lawyers

Tags: Insurance, Law, New York

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Testimonial for Coverage Pointers

Though much of this wonderful stuff goes over my head, I am so grateful for the font of information that you and your team provide to us each week. I am a paralegal and I find the cases fascinating. I learn more about insurance from your Pointers each week than I learn in an entire year on the job.

As a sole practitioner who does coverage work for small firms , I really appreciate the newsletter as a resource. If I do not read it online, I print it for the train commute, gets read one way or the other.

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